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These are the best deals you'll get all year. So if you've been on the fence, now is the time to lock in your savings!

1 year of Nail The Mix: $129 (regularly $239)
We've got some VERY cool mixers and artists lined up for 2022 (sorry, can't tell you who just yet, but trust me, you will be stoked!) and this is your best chance to get access to all of them!
1 year of URM Enhanced: $299 (regularly $480)
For those who are truly serious about audio and want to jump to the head of the pack, we've created a premium access tier called URM Enhanced which includes Nail The Mix and several other game-changing products.
  • Our Fast Track video courses:​These are extremely detailed, comprehensive video guides to topics that come up in almost every episode of NTM, but can’t be covered during the live stream-- Compression, Gain Staging, Hearing, Delay, Reverb, Mastering, Spatial Imaging and more.
  • Mix Rescue:​Every month, we’ll open up one URM Enhanced member’s mix and dissect it live on air. We’ll look at every single piece of your session and fix it up while we explain everything we’re doing. Think of it like NTM, but with one of YOUR mixes instead of ours.
  • One On One: URM Enhanced members can book a 20-minute Skype session with a URM Admin. Ask us whatever questions you want about producing, mixing, mastering, audio careers, or which member of One Direction is our favorite.
Nail The Mix FIVE YEAR BUNDLE (save $1196)
Get FIVE YEARS of Nail The Mix sessions in one massive bundle! This is over 70 sessions featuring artists like Periphery, Meshuggah, Gojira, A Day To Remember, Lamb Of God, Opeth, Converge, BMTH, Fall Out Boy, Architects and mixers like Joey Sturgis, Jens Bogren, Kurt Ballou, Machine, Andrew Wade and many, many more.

**Please note an active Subscription to Nail the Mix or URM Enhanced is required to access sessions included in all Year bundle Purchases**

URM Mega Super Ultimate Bundle (save over $1200)
And if you want to go all in?? We've got you covered with this ridiculous bundle:
  • All our courses through 2019:​ Speed Mixing, Ultimate Guitar Production, Ultimate Drum Production, and Career Builder (regularly $249 each)
  • All 5 years of Nail The Mix:​ Over 60 sessions, including all the multi-tracks, on-demand livestreams and QNAs
  • 1 year of URM Enhanced: Access all the Fast Tracks, Mix Rescues and One On Ones
Speed Mixing & Career Builder ($70 off)
These two courses have massively transformed the way hundreds of URM members work-- just ask in the PPC! You'll get instant access to all the course content, templates, downloads and recordings of the live Q&As.
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$129 (regularly $239)
$299 (regularly $480)
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$349 (regularly $1200)
$129 (regularly $199)
$99 (regularly $169)
Terms & Conditions: No refunds, and offer may only be used once

**Please note an active Subscription to Nail the Mix or URM Enhanced is required to access sessions included in all Year bundle Purchases**

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