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Part 1: Guitar setup (8 videos)
It all starts with the instrument itself: getting all the details right at this stage is the foundation for everything else in your signal chain! And yet, so many producers neglect this stuff (and pay the price for it later on in the session!)
  • A step-by-step guide to choosing the right strings for the song, tuning and genre
  •  Why tiny adjustments to the pickup height, saddle height and nut height can make a HUGE difference
  •  Often-missed details like the battery, pots and fretboard
Part 2: Guitar Rig Setup (9 videos)
With your guitar properly set up, it's time to assemble the proper ingredients for your tone pie: the guts of your rig!
  •  Incredibly detailed shootouts of commonly used picks, cables and strings
  •  A deep dive into choosing the right amp, cab and tubes
  •  How to find just the right overdrive to take you from good to great
Part 3: Recording techniques (25 videos)
You've got your guitar and rig dialed in to perfection, and now it's time to hit record! This section walks you through EVERYTHING you need to do it right.
  •  Exhaustive shootouts of many popular preamps and mics
  •  A *mind-blowing* section on reamping (seriously, it's next level!)
  •  Some rarely-discussed techniques like elevating the cab and micing the room
Part 4: Tracking a guitarist (16 videos)
As you've probably heard us say many times, tone starts with the guitarist. And this section is your blueprint for tracking guitars the RIGHT way, even with a less-than-stellar guitarist.
  •  Exactly what to look for with the guitarists right and left hand, posture, and playing position
  •  How to deal with a guitarist that just can't play the parts correctly
  • The "double as you go" and "slower than real time" techniques
Part 5: Editing techniques (16 videos)
The right edit makes ALL the difference-- but that's easier said than done! Too little and it sounds loose and sloppy, too much and it sounds robotic.
  • An exhaustive look at the waveform, including SO many things nobody else has told you
  • A deep dive into quantizing (time correction): what it is, when to do it and importantly when NOT to do it
  • Andrew's amazing, gamechanging "re-editing" technique
Part 6: Impulse Responses (3 videos)
You probably know IRs as the thing you load into your cab sim, but they're SO much more than that-- and Andrew walks you through all the many ways you can use them to dial in a tone.
  • How to create an EQ using impulse responses
  • Creating your own cabinet simulation IRs
  • Some of Andrew's signature (slightly odd) uses of IRs
Part 7: Dialing A Tone (9 videos)
In this section Andrew puts it all together, going through the step by step process of dialing in tones in a variety of genres.
  • Dialing in example tones for indie/pop, rock/pop-punk and metal
  • Leads and rhythms for each genre
  • All tones done with real amps and modelers with A/B comparisons
Part 8: Andrew's Extras (11 videos)
And last but not least, Andrew shares a grab bag of his favorite tricks for you to pick and choose from and incorporate into your own arsenal.
  • His "sim pedal/real amp" technique
  • The RIGHT way to blend amps and sims to create unique tones
  • When you should mic the guitar strings (yes, putting a mic on the strings!)
Bonus materials + cool stuff
But that's not all! We're throwing in a bunch of bonuses because we know you NEED this course, and we want to make it a no-brainer purchase for you. The bonuses alone are worth more than $1200-- so you'd be kind of crazy NOT to invest in UGP! 
  •  100+ videos (yes, that's ONE HUNDRED videos!)
  •  PDF of all Andrew's slides ($49 value)
  •  50+ page workbook ($97 value)
  •  Audio examples from the shootouts to load into your DAW ($49 value)
  •  Andrew's Pro Tools sessions ($39 value)
  •  All the impulse responses used in the course ($99 value)
  •  Joey Sturgis Tones' Conquer All vol 4 IR pack ($39 value)
  •  Joey Sturgis Tones' Guilty Pleasure amp sim plugin ($79 value)
  •  Sam Pura's Acoustic Guitar mini-course ($97 value)
  •  Guitar setup mini-course ($97 value)
  •  Access to the UGP private Facebook group (priceless)
  •  Video of Andrew's 2018 URM Summit guitar masterclass (not available to anyone else)
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Yes. You'll always be able to log in and access all the content.
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March 7, 2022.
I don't play guitar, is this course for me?
If you ever plan on recording guitarists then yes! In fact, this course is especially valuable for non-guitarists because it will help you understand their language, ideas and vision on a very deep level that they will love.
I'm a beginner, is this course for me?
Yes! The material in UGP will save you years of frustrating trial and error. Instead of guessing at what works, you'll have all the information we wish we had when we were starting out!
I'm an experienced producer, is this course for me?
Yes! No matter who you are, there is something in this course that will be brand new to you, because there's just SO MUCH that goes into guitar tone. For example, like Andrew talks about, it took him years to realize that his reamp box was killing the air in his tones-- and in this course he'll help you find and identify tons more annoying little gotchas like that one.
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