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The conventional wisdom is that dialing in drums is a grueling process of trial and error: swapping out drums, heads, and mics until you find what works, oftentimes for several exhausting and tedious days.

But now, there’s a better method than trial-and-error: Ultimate Drum Production, the scientific method for dialing in the perfect drum sound. It’s everything you need to quickly, easily and painlessly get the sound you hear in your head!
Here's what's waiting for you:
Part 1: Anatomy of drums (7 videos)
Matt walks you through the sonic characteristics of every single piece of a drum in exhaustive detail, including how each of them affect drum tone and WHY. Think of these as the building blocks of drum tone: once you have them, it's as easy as mixing and matching them to turn the sound that's in your head into reality!
  • Mind-blowing explanation of the science of how drums produce sound and how to use it to your advantage
  • Mega-detailed deep dives on heads, shells, bearing edges, hoops, and more
  • Tom and snare shootouts that compare and contrast different combinations of the above
Part 2: Drum tuning deep dive (10 videos)
You can't get a great drum sound without tuning your drums and, well, here's the deal: there are SO many misconceptions about tuning drums, mostly rooted in a poor understanding of the science. In this section of UDP we knock down all those misconceptions and give you the RIGHT way to approach tuning!
  • Tuning tutorials for each piece of the kit, including the difference between tuning toms on mounts, stands and legs
  • Gamechanging muffling techniques that you've never seen anywhere else
  • How to work with old heads and other common studio challenges
Part 3: Microphone masterclass (21 videos)
Armed with a scientific understanding of the anatomy of drums and the knowledge to tune them, now you're ready to start recording-- and UDP gives you an EXHAUSTIVE overview of everything you need to know about microphones, from selection to placement to sonic character and more!
  • Detailed micing tutorials for each piece of the drum kit: kick, snare, toms, cymbals, overheads, and rooms
  •  Mic setup techniques​for a complete range of situations, from one mic all the way up to 28 inputs
  • Overview of the key mic placements, including many you've never seen anywhere else
Part 4: Real World Demos (20 videos)
This segment shows you exactly how to apply all the UDP techniques to dial in drum sounds in 4 genres-- think of it like a recipe book for drums!
  • ​Deep dive masterclass on how to apply all of this in a simple home studio
  •  Demos for alternative rock, classic rock, modern rock and metal
  •  Each demo covers​overall setup, preamp selection, gain structure and a playthrough
  • Special guest Luke Holland joins us for the metal demo .\m/
Part 5: Mixing & Processing (9 videos)
And last but not least, we'll go over how to work with the tones and dial in incredible drum mixes-- and let me tell you, this stuff goes DEEP! Some of these videos are over an hour long, and we leave no stone unturned.
  • Tutorials for each of the mic setups in section 4: mono, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-mic configurations
  •  Mixing walkthroughs for each of the genres:​alternative rock, classic rock, modern rock and metal
  • ​How to get powerful, punchy drums with ZERO samples :)
Here's what you'll get:
  • Exclusive Luke Holland drum samples, engineered and mixed by Matt Brown! ($197 value)
  •  Access to our private, instructor-lead Ultimate Drum Production group where you'll get exercises to hone your skills (priceless)
  •  Drum editing video lessons for Cubase, Reaper and Pro Tools ($197 value)
  •  40+ pages of written material: a workbook, charts, cheat sheets and guides ($97 value)
  •  Matt Brown's DAW session and multi-tracks for the course so you can follow along ($97 value)
  •  Mini-course: Building your own sample libraries in Trigger and Kontakt ($197 value)
  • ​UDP special edition Bus Glue compressor plugin by JST ($59 value)
  •  "Mixing Drums with Drumforge" mini-course ($97 value)
  •  Ultimate Drum Production sampler by Drumforge ($297 value)
  •  One month of access to URM Enhanced ($39.99 value)
  •  15 minute 1-on-1 Skype call with Matt Brown (limited to first 100 students)
Get the power of SCIENCE!
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