Merge your Riffhard account with URM Academy
Here's what's happening:
As of September 1 2023, all Riffhard content will only be available on URM Academy. Essentially, Riffhard will become part of URM. 

You can still access the old Riffhard here until January 1, 2024.
Why are we doing this?
We've spent the last 18 months thinking about what we can do to make Riffhard MUCH better. Not just kinda better, but as good as URM Academy.

Meaning that everything runs efficiently, things happen on time, the site Is fast, there's an amazing search, everything Is easy to find, everything works, there's an event calendar, etc. etc. etc.

It also dawned on us that many of you want some version of what URM offers (tone tutorials, DAW stuff, mixing, recording), and also that so many URM students also play guitar.

So we're doing the obvious thing and merging the two.
What you need to do:
Just fill out the form below to merge your account. You will stopped getting billed by Riffhard and start getting billed by URM. You'll have access to URM *and* Riffhard for $19.99 per month. 

So basically, you get access to twice as much content for the same price.
You'll keep your access to Riffhard, and get all this as well:
Nail The Mix sessions from these world-class mixers and artists
Dozens more tutorials like this one from Buster Odeholm
Our beginner course that will get you up to speed on all the basics (if you need it)
Mix Lab: Detailed tutorials on mixing techniques, plugins and gear
What is URM Academy?
URM Academy Is our online school for rock and metal producers. We're best known for Nail The Mix, but it goes so much deeper than that. There's thousands upon thousands of hours of the best content on earth dedicated to helping you become better with audio. URM Academy Is also the parent company of Riffhard.
Will I still have access to all the Riffhard content?
Yes, as long as you're a member of URM Academy. You will no longer get billed for Riffhard, but you will still have access unless you cancel your URM Academy subscription.
Is the Riffhard community merging with URM?
No, the Riffhard online community will stay as it is. The only difference is that now you’ll ALSO have access to the URM online community.
Why isn't the Riffhard content on URM Academy yet?
It’s coming! We’re in the process of migration and it takes time. We expect to be done by the end of summer, but still wanted you to have access to URM in the meantime. For now things will go on as usual on the Riffhard site. 
What if I'm already a member of URM?
No problem! Just reach out to URM support and we can cancel your Riffhard billing.
So I still get everything I got before, it’s just going to be on a way better site, and I’ll also have access to the best production library on earth? 
Yes. That’s exactly it. 
Merge your Riffhard account
You will STOP being charged for Riffhard, and START being charged for URM Academy
Item Price
$1 this month, $19.99 per month after that
$199 (2 months free!)
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