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You know Jens Bogren for his work with bands like Opeth, Soilwork, Amon Amarth, and Arch Enemy among countless others-- albums that have set the standard of production for a generation of metal! 

And for the very first time EVER he's sharing his ENTIRE PROCESS in this course where he produces a complete song from start to finish, with the legendary Ihsahn.
Here's what's waiting for you:
Part 1: Pre-Pro + Song Review (1 hour 15 minutes)
A song that isn't great isn't worth recording! Before the first note is even tracked Jens makes sure that EVERY aspect is as good as it can possibly be. 
  • ​Working with Ihsahn to fine tune every piece of the song structure
  • ​Building the right arrangement including Hammond organ, synths, orchestra and world music instruments
  • ​Ruthlessly cutting parts that don't fit
Part 2: Drum Setup + Tracking (6 videos)
Jens is known for his powerful and intricate drum sounds and seeing his process makes it no surprise. He accounts for every detail that will help capture both the best sound out of the drums, and best performance out of the drummer (in this case, Tobias Ørnes Andersen formerly of Leprous).
  • ​​His ridiculously simple (but gamechanging) trick for micing a kick drum
  • ​Why Jens pays incredibly close attention to cymbal height
  • How he angles the kit to get a perfect stereo image in the overheads
Part 3: Drum Comps, Edits, and Approvals (6 videos)
Drum editing can either enhance or sterilize a recording. Jens' drum productions always have an unmistakably organic feel while still remaining tight and powerful. His editing methods ensure that the performance is always preserved. 
  • His painstaking approach for creating tempo changes without using time stretching (no artifacts!)
  • ​Why Jens almost never edits drums to the grid
  • ​How he juggles dozens of takes so he can comp drum punch-ins that feel seamless
Part 4: Keyboards (5 videos)
The song is a masterclass in bringing keyboards into metal in an authentic, organic way (not just bolted on), Jens' keyboard sounds are beautifully warm and classic, and this section breaks down all the details.
  • ​Working with a Wurlitzer organ, including using guitar stomp boxes with it
  • A detailed walkthrough from ​Øystein H. Aadland on exactly how Hammond and Rhodes organs work (and how to bring out their signature sounds)
  • ​How they work a soft synth Mellotron into the mix
Part 5:  Clean Vocals, Harmonies, Screams, and Comps (7 videos)
Different voices require different approaches-- there's no one size fits all solution for vocals and Jens always goes the distance to find the optimal setup for whichever vocalist, or vocal type he's working with. 
  • ​Tracking Ihsahn's iconic black metal scream
  • ​Why his approach to lush vocal harmonies is radically different from his lead vocals (including mic placement, mic choice, processing and even the vocalist themselves)​
  • ​The exact details that matter for setting up a clean vocalist in any room (how to avoid slapback, comb filtering and other common problems)
Part 6: Guitar Setup (5 videos)
Different voices require different approaches-- there's no one size fits all solution for vocals and Jens always goes the distance to find the optimal setup for whichever vocalist, or vocal type he's working with. 
  • A hyper-detailed look at every part of the signal chain: amps, heads, pedals, and mics (and why it even matters what year the SM57 is from!)
  • ​​Using multiple amps and mics to create layered tones (and avoiding phase issues)
  • Jens’ “beating the mic” technique for blending 5+ mics on a single guitar cab into one massive tone
Part 7: Dialing Tone + Tracking Guitars (4 videos)
They say that a great guitar sound is all in the hands, but Jens knows that's only half true. It's all about the right hands playing through the right tone with the right guidance.
  • Tracking all Ihsahn's guitars (and how he and Jens collaborate and troubleshoot in real time)
  • Deciding what guitar to use and why
  • ​How they use a dizzying array of stomp boxes to craft unique, unmistakable lead tones
Part 8: Bass + Acoustic Guitar (5 videos)
Bass and acoustic guitar are often overlooked in metal. Jens puts just as much care into these as any other element because he knows that bass is a metal production's secret weapon.
  • Jens' masterclass on setting up and tuning bass guitar to keep it 100% in tune at every step
  • ​The multi-layered analog signal chain behind the devastating bass tone (multiple amps, stomp boxes, mics and cabs)
  • ​How he uses multiple microphones to create his rich, beautiful signature acoustic guitar sounds
Part 9: Vocal Tuning + Mix Prep (2 videos)
One of the secrets to a great mix is making sure that every element is ready to be mixed. That means all edits and tunings are done, midi is aligned, samples are printed, and the session is routed so when it's time to mix, that's all you're doing. 
  • His intricate approach to vocal tuning for perfectly tuned vocals that don't sound tuned
  • ​How he lays out his massive array of samples to give him instant access to exactly what the mix needs
  • ​His unique way of using crossfades to address phase and volume problems before they happen
Part 10: Mix Competition
The best way to learn this material is to do it yourself, so we included a Nail The Mix style mix competition where you can download the raw Ihsahn multitracks and submit your mix to win prizes from companies like MLC Custom Guitar Amplifiers, IK Multimedia, Roswell Pro Audio, Telefunken, Bogren Digital, Baby Audio, Drumforge, JST, Submission Audio, Korneff Audio, Fascination Street Studios, and Kit Plugins!
Part 11: Mixing (12 videos)
Jens' mixes sound intricate, detailed, and deep because they are intricate, detailed, and deep! This section features the song being mixed in real time, with no steps left out. 
  • How to maintain pristine clarity with an incredibly dense mix​ (over 100 tracks including 6 tracks of bass, 17 tracks of drums, 22 tracks of vocals, 12 tracks of keyboards and 40 tracks of guitars)
  • Why he uses saturation and distortion on almost every part of the mix
  • The sometimes shocking amount of automation Jens uses to give the song movement and focus on exactly what the song needs at any given moment
Part 12: Mastering (1 Hour )
Knowing how to master your own mixes is a vital part of the modern mix process, however it's mostly been a dark art until now. Jens' walks you through every step of his hybrid mastering process. 
  • ​How to get LOUD but dynamic masters
  • ​The difference between clipping and limiting (and when to use each)
  • Why he uses analog AND digital compression
Here's what you'll get:
  • Over 50 videos (35+ hours in total)
  • ​Multi-tracks for "The Observer" by Ihsahn
  • ​Companion workbook
  • ​Access to a private students only Facebook group
  • ​Q&A with Jens Bogren
  • ​Editing Drums mini-course (covers Pro Tools, Cubase and Reaper)
  • How To Make Your Own Drum Samples mini-course (covers Trigger and Kontakt)
  • ​Amp Sim mini-course
  • ​Guitar Setup mini-course
  • ​Pro Tools & Reaper Supercharger mini-courses
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