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You know Howard Benson for his work with bands like My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace Flyleaf and Skillet among countless others-- albums that have set the standard of production for a generation of rock! 

And for the very first time EVER he's sharing his ENTIRE PROCESS in this course where he produces a complete song from start to finish, with the legendary In Flames.
Here's what's waiting for you:
Part 1: Guitars & Pre-pro (5 videos)
When you're working with In Flames, amazing guitar tones are a must! Howard goes over every aspect, as well as a very detailed look at how they perfected the song in pre-pro.
  • ​Scratch drum programming & fleshing out the song
  • Dialing in Bjorn's iconic tone
  • ​​Quad-tracking rhythm guitars
Part 2: Tracking Vocals (5 videos)
We'll be honest, Howard is OBSESSED with vocals. And for good reason: great vocals are essential in rock (shhhh, don't tell your guitarist). This section is AMAZING, there's honestly nothing else like it!
  • Howard's complete vocal chain, in extreme detail
  • ​​Exactly what makes a great vocal take, and why
  • Editing and comping vocals without losing the feel
Part 3: Tracking drums, bass and leads (5 videos)
With guitars and vocals done, it's time to move on to filling out the rest of the song!
  • ​The keys to a punchy, warm yet modern drum sound
  • ​Editing drums to sound tight while preserving the groove and feel
  • Tracking guitar punch-ins that fit seamlessly into the mix
Part 4: Mixing (6 videos)
Howard's process is all about getting the absolute best performances and tones at the source. Now it's time to put it all together and see how the process pays off!
  • ​Post production touches that make the song 10x better
  • ​A detailed look at how a top tier metal mix is made
  • ​Howard's workflow that allows them to work insanely fast WITHOUT compromising on quality
Here's what you'll get:
  • Over 20 videos (8+ hours in total)
  • ​Multi-tracks for "State Of Slow Decay" by In Flames
  • ​Access to the private Facebook group
  • ​Editing Drums mini-course (covers Pro Tools, Cubase and Reaper)
  • How To Make Your Own Drum Samples mini-course (covers Trigger and Kontakt)
  • ​Amp Sim mini-course
  • ​Guitar Setup mini-course
  • ​Pro Tools & Reaper Supercharger mini-courses
Get the blueprint for a master's process!
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