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You know Will Putney for his work with bands like Knocked Loose, Every Time I Die, The Ghost Inside, and Vein among countless others-- albums that have set the standard of production for this generation of modern metal and heavy music! 

And for the very first time EVER he's sharing his ENTIRE PROCESS in this course where he produces two complete songs from start to finish, with Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy.
Here's what's waiting for you:
Part 1: Pre Production (9 videos)
You've heard people (including Will) say that pre-pro is the most important part of the process, and there's a reason for that! Getting this right is half the battle, because if you don't have a map, how do you even know where you're going?
  • ​Setting up your session for success
  • ​Working with the band’s main songwriter and fleshing out an idea from scratch
  • ​De-constructing how a song gets developed in the early stages
Part 2: Dialing & Tracking Guitar (21 videos)
What metal course would be complete without a massive, insanely detailed section on guitars?? This goes extremely deep, going into every single aspect of Will's admittedly complex process-- and the method behind the madness!
  • Dialing rhythm guitar tones from scratch
  • ​​Shooting out multiple head options and blending amps/cabs
  • Will’s mega-detailed approach to micing a cabinet
  • ​Why the best sound wins (which might be an amp sim!)
  • ​The tools that have saved Will’s guitar tracking sessions
  • ​Crafting lead tones that play nicely with the rhythms
  • ​The RIGHT way to track a guitar solo
  • ​Will's method for tracking yourself as a guitarist
Part 3: Dialing & Tracking Bass (8 videos)
The truth? Bass is the secret weapon in every metal mix! It's what gives the guitars that brutal, thumping thickness, locks in with the drums, and make the whole thing come together. And Will's bass tracking process is the key to unlocking its full potential!
  • ​How to blend multiple bass sources to create a "master" bass tone
  • ​The balance between ITB processing and OTB pedals
  • How to record the cleanest bass tone imaginable (and why that's so important!)
Part 4: Setting Up & Recording Drums (13 videos)
Tight, punchy, and crisp - yet organic - drums are the foundation of Will's mixes, and this section goes through the entire process, from setup to tracking to editing. Don't fix it in the mix, get it right at the source!
  • ​Will's approach to tuning drums
  • ​Managing 15+ microphones and an array of external preamps
  • Setting proper drum recording levels
  • The Graphic Nature Audio team’s proven approach to cleaning, editing, and prepping drums for mixing!
Part 5: Recording Vocals (5 videos)
Vocals are the emotional hook for most songs, even in heavy genres where the lyrics may not even be intelligible. The key to great vocals is capturing a truly special performance charged with energy and emotion - and Will goes through exactly how to set the stage for that!
  • ​Will's vocal tracking setup and why it’s crucial to track into processing
  • ​Recording and layering different vocal performances
  • Will's approach to editing vocals, and how to perfectly line up massive stacks of vocal takes with ease
Part 6: Mixing (20 videos)
You've tracked incredible performances with amazing tones, now is when it all comes together! Will outlines every step of his mixing process, including all those special little touches that make his mixes what they are.
  • ​Will’s comprehensive analog/digital hybrid setup
  • ​A very deep dive into the art of caring about your mix: automation!
  • ​Will's tips for a final production and mastering techniques
Here's what you'll get:
  • Over 75 videos (over 18 hours in total)
  • ​20+ page PDF workbook
  • Multi-tracks for both songs (including samples and DIs)
  • Logic sessions for each track
  • His STL Tonality presets used in the songs
  • Guitar + bass tabs
  • ​Access to the private Facebook group
  • ​Will's Nail The Mix session with Knocked Loose
  • ​3 months of URM Enhanced

NOTE: How It's Done closes on Oct 19!

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