It's like Netflix for audio!
The secret to better mixes isn't more gear, new plugins, or downloading some famous producer's presets. The secret is knowledge: knowing what to listen for, how to define your creative goals, and the right techniques to get you there!

That's why we created URM ENHANCED, our tier of premium, VIP access to what we think is the single best place on the planet to learn the craft of producing heavy music. 

You'll get instant access to:
  • FAST TRACK LIBRARY: 50+ courses that go DEEP on mixing, editing, effects and so, so much more-- it's well over 100 hours of content, with more added every month
  • ONE ON ONES: Book a video call with one of the URM admins to get personalized feedback on your mix, career, or anything else
  • MIX RESCUE: We open up one of YOUR mixes and perform some surgery to show you the hidden potential of every session
Here's what you'll get when you upgrade...



  • New multi-tracks
  • ​Access to the livestream
  • ​Mix Lab
  • ​Portfolio Builder
  • New multi-tracks
  • ​Access to the livestream
  • ​Mix Lab
  • ​Portfolio Builder
  • ​Fast Track Vault
  • ​Mix Rescue
  • ​One On Ones
Fast Track Vault
And last but definitely not least, you’ll get access to our huge library of Fast Track video courses. These are extremely detailed, comprehensive video guides to topics that come up in almost every episode of NTM, but can’t be covered during the live stream.

We've got courses like Hearing Compression, Gain Staging, Delay, Reverb, Spatial Imaging, Understanding Patchbays, Practical EQ and we're always adding more. These are each a couple hours long and they go DEEP!

This isn't the same old crap you find on YouTube (usually created by some random nobody in his bedroom, talking real quietly so he doesn't wake up his mom) -- these are 100% complete, all-access, no-detail-left-out guides to how we actually do things in the studio when we're working with world-class bands.

As far as we know, this stuff has never been covered in this much detail before on any site. Go through all of these and you’ll have a better understanding of audio than 90% of people who do it for a living (seriously)!
Mix Rescue
Every month, we’ll open up one URM Enhanced member’s mix and dissect it live on air. We’ll look at every single piece of your session and fix it up while we explain everything we’re doing. Think of it like NTM, but with one of YOUR mixes instead of ours!

This is super cool stuff because it’s the perfect compliment to the pro sessions we use for NTM. You’ll be able to compare and contrast your sessions to ours — you’ll see how we tackle the tricky parts of your mix, where your recording or edit needs work, and get props for the things you’re already doing well.

In the same way as getting your hands on pro-quality multi-tracks is a game-changer, watching as a pro dissects and tweaks a home studio mix will blow your mind.
In every episode you’ll learn all kinds of little tricks, tweaks and adjustments that would have taken you years to learn on your own — all those subtle details that are the difference between an A and and A+, those frustrating little things that keep your mixes from sounding as good as the pro mixes you’re using as reference.
Ever wish you could call one of us and get some help? Now you can!
This is your chance to get private one on one time with one of us, for all those times where you need a little more personal attention than we can give you in a Q&A or in a forum reply.

We have slots available each and every week where members can book a 20-minute Zoom call session with our admins. Ask us whatever questions you want about producing, mixing, mastering, audio careers, or which member of One Direction is our favorite. Need more help? No worries, extra time is available for purchase as well! 

Short of being one of the handful of people who intern at a top-level studio, there is literally no other way on earth to get this kind of personalized feedback.

We would have KILLED to be able to pick our favorite producers’ brains like this!
Join URM Enhanced and start leveling up!
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