Turn audio into your full-time job!
Do you want to take your passion for audio and turn it into more income then you're in the right place: We're very stoked to announce the first installment of Career Builder, our 8-week flagship program that gives you all building blocks to achieve your audio dreams! 
Here's what's waiting for you!
Part 1: Getting More Clients & Turning Them Into Raving Fans
The biggest pain point for nearly all up-and-coming producers is simple: "How TF do I get more clients?!" This section is all about answering that question, with a simple, step-by-step formula that you can put into action immediately!
  •  The proven method for bringing in a steady stream of new clients (no matter where you live or what gear you have)
  • ​The studio pricing systems you need to make sure you're not charging too much OR too little
  • ​How to build a name and reputation so THEY come to YOU and you don't have to "sell yourself"
Part 2: Demystifying the Legal & Financial Complexities of The Audio Business
You've heard all the horror stories about producers who end up in an endless nightmare because of a rookie mistake on taxes or legal, right?? This section helps you make sure that you're not the next horror story-- it gives you the information you need to create a solid foundation for your business (and hopefully save some cash!).
  •  Guidelines on which business entity could be right for you (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp) and why
  • ​The tax secrets that could be saving you thousands
  • ​What to do (and NOT do) with producer agreements, publishing and other contracts
  • ​Simple but powerful tools to track your income, expenses, and optimize your profitability
Part 3: The Networking & People Skills To Build Life-Changing Relationships
Yes, your mixing skills matter. But what matters just as much is your PEOPLE skills! Because you're not just an engineer, you're also a salesman, a coach and sometimes even an amateur psychiatrist :) This section is all the hard-won lessons we've learned from 10+ years in the studio with artists, negotiating with labels/managers, and networking with industry VIPs.
  •  How to take control of any session and get the respect and trust you deserve
  • ​Simple negotiation techniques to get indecisive clients to say yes to your quotes
  • ​"Long game" networking moves that will keep artists and labels coming back to you for years
Part 4: Virtual Mentorship Program & Accountability Group To Keep You On The Track To Success
Information is only valuable if you APPLY it, so Career Builder has a big emphasis on community and mentorship to make sure you put this stuff into ACTION! We'll take you through every step of it along with the help of all your new friends who are going through the course with you :)
  •  An exclusive Facebook group full of driven, positive producers like you that will keep your motivation at 100% (this is a separate group from the main URM Private Producers Club)
  • ​Weekly "homework" assignments to hold you accountable (don't worry, we won't make you do a book report)
  • ​Live check-ins with Joey, Joel and Eyal to answer questions and dive deep on course content
Bonus materials + awesome stuff!
But that's not all! We believe in this course so much that we want to make it an absolute no-brainer investment for you- so we're throwing in a bunch of bonuses that we think are worth the price of the course itself:
  • ​50+ page workbook that guides you through in a simple, step by step format and apply it
  • ​Email Templates for dealing with clients, labels, managers, etc
  • ​Networking tracker to help you know who to talk to, when you need to follow up, etc
  • ​Studio Calendar to help you track and manage your time
  • ​Accounting Spreadsheets to track expenses and income
Get the tools to make audio your full time job!
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