The Complete Beginner's Guide To Recording Rock & Metal
Everything you need to record a complete song from scratch, including over $200 in free plugins from Joey Sturgis Tones and Drumforge!
Part 1: Setting up your studio
First, Fluff goes over a list of exactly what gear you'll need to get up and running, along with specific recommendations on what to buy (including options for those of you on an extra-tight budget).

Next, Fluff walks you through every single step of setting up your gear: connecting your audio interface, speakers, microphone and guitar/bass.

At the end of this section, you'll have the hardware side of your home studio all set up!
Part 2: Setting up your software
Fluff guides you through the process of setting up your DAW and plugins, including a few crucial but easy-to-miss details often skipped in other tutorials.

He'll show you how to set up the Toneforge amp sim plugin for guitars, TSE BOD for bass, Drumforge for virtual drums, and JST Gain Reduction for vocals.

At the end of this section, you'll be ready to rock: you'll have everything you need to record high-quality demos!
Part 3: Recording guitars, bass and vocals
Now it's time to put your studio to work!

Fluff shows you how to set up a typical session with 2 rhythm guitars, lead guitars, bass, drums and vocals, then records an example song with the guys from Into The Flood.
Part 4: Programming drums
In this section, Fluff guides you through the process of programming virtual drums to round out the tracks you just recorded using the Drumforge plugin provided with the course.

The sky's the limit here: you can keep it simple and lay down an easy groove or go crazy with intricate, hyper-detailed parts that will make your drummer's brain explode... it's all up to you :)
Part 5: Finalizing + exporting your song
And lastly, Fluff shows you how to balance the elements in your mix and export it as WAV and MP3 so you can share it with your band or upload it to Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify or other platforms.

Boom! A complete song recorded from scratch!
Over $200 in software + bonus stuff!
We wanted to make this course an absolute no-brainer, so we've stacked it with value. In addition to the course videos, you'll also get:
Joey Sturgis Tones Toneforge Menace ($79 value)
Drumforge UDP Sampler ($89 value)
JST Gain Reduction ($65 value)
Access to our private Facebook group (priceless)
You're getting over $233 worth of software included with a course that costs $39... sound too good to be true? It's not :) That's just how bad we want you to have access to this course!
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