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How To Get The Guitar Tone You Hear In Your Head
* very limited seating - only 500 spots - so act fast! *
What You'll Learn In This Free Webinar:
Secret #1: You already own a great drum room!
You might think your room isn't good enough for world-class recordings - or you might not even realize you HAVE a drum room! But with the tips we'll share in this webinar, you'll know how to unleash the full power of the space you have -- because it’s not the size that counts, it's how you use it!
Secret #2: Great drum sound has almost nothing to do with recording gear!
Fancy mics, preamps, and plugins are great... but the truth is that they make VERY LITTLE DIFFERENCE! Yup, it's true... and the things that DO make a big difference are cheap and sometimes even free!
Secret #3: You don’t need to hire a fancy expert to come tune your drums
Sure, you COULD pay some high-priced, big time drum tech to tune your drums for you... But wouldn't you rather have CONTROL over your work? Is he ever gonna know or care about the recording as much as you do?? 
PS: Stay to the end of the webinar and you'll get TWO free bonuses:
  • Our drum recording Cheat Sheet (don't do another drum session without this!!)
  • The UDP guide to controlling drum sustain (it's ridiculous how well this works and the materials cost less than $1!)
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