Are you ready to change your life?
Four days of seminars, panels, hands-on bootcamps, networking and awesome hangs with the best minds in the industry
November 9-12 // Orlando, Florida // Marriot Lakeside
Sneak preview of just some of the events...
  • In depth mixing seminars with Joey Sturgis, Kurt Ballou, and Billy Decker
  •  Songwriting and production tips with Andrew Wade and Kane Churko
  •  Career and business strategies with Eyal Levi, Mike Mowery, Blasko and Finn McKenty
  •  Speed Mixing demo/crash course with Joel Wanasek
  •  So. Many. Parties. Don't go toooo hard :)
Guys - this is seriously lifechanging stuff. This is the kind of experience that will forever change the way you see audio, your career and yourself - the inspiration, ideas and friendships you'll get here are the things that you'll look back on as inflection points in your life. No BS! Events like this are that powerful.
URM Summit Guests + Speakers
Andrew Wade
Billy Decker
Eyal Levi
Finn Mckenty
Jesse Cannon
Joel Wanasek
Joey Sturgis
Kane Churko
Kevin Churko
Kurt Ballou
Mike Mowery
Beau Burchell
Taylor Larson
Mike Kalajian 
Some of the fun from last year:
This could be you :) Don't miss out on the fun!
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Ticket Packages
  •  General Admission Shared room (2 people per room)
  •  General Admission Solo room
  •  VIP package with shared room (2 people per room) 
  •  VIP package with solo room
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Can you tell me more about the hotel?
It's the Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside at 7499 Augusta National Drive, Orlando FL 32822
Is this for beginners or advanced mixers?
Everybody will learn from this and make insanely valuable connections - but if you are brand new to mixing, some of the technical stuff may be challenging for you.
Crap!! I bought the wrong ticket - can I change it?
Yes, as long as your desired package isn't sold out. Just contact and we'll take care of you.
Will this ever happen again?
Probably! But we can't make any promises - so our advice is to go this year :)
I'm pretty experienced. What will I get out of this?
Even the most experienced mixers will learn some mindblowing stuff from top-of-the-foodchain guys like Kane Churko and Billy Decker - and you'll also get the opportunity to do some high-level networking, make new friends, and have the best vacation ever!
I can't get off work, what should I do?!
Fake a death in the family?? Kidding - don't do that. Tell your boss this is really, REALLY important to you and see if they will do you a favor. Offer to do something for them in return like work extra shifts or take care of some difficult project.
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